Our Story

Through NUKKAD, we bring you handcrafted artifacts and Indigenous toys from regional corners of India with modern relevance. Growing up, we have lost touch with basics of life which seems to have the most positive impact on quality of life and mental health, imagine a simple scenario of playing in the afternoon winter sun surrounded by a plethora of wooden toys.

Instead of getting lost in the memories of the past, we thought of giving you a whiff of that nostalgia.

As we grow wiser, we develop attachments and appreciation for the basics of living. We often see ourselves mentally transported to a simpler forms of lifestyle choices. And we bring you a unique blend of culturally inspired designs with hint of minimalism, premium quality and yet an earthy feel to it. These handicrafts and toys will surely make you re-live some of your best local memories in an adolescent contemporary format.

As the world becomes extremely connected, we often feel disconnected from our own roots. We consume items that are more global in nature. But we believe, we cannot be international until we celebrate and take pride in what is national. Hailing from the country where we celebrate so many art forms, we decided to honor them in their most authentic essence. We work closely with artisans, both men, and women, who are the backbone of our mission. Our aim to celebrate the magic in their hands revived and revisited in modern Indian way of life.

We share concerns about our planet and put our best foot forward to ensure that we do everything to keep it healthy and earthy which anyways comes naturally to Indian ways! The motto is to do our bit for our planet, indigenous culture, our crafts and artisans of our land. We work with wood, recycled glass, clay, and a range of organic mediums.        

Our Vision:

At Nukkad, we have an array of premium home-decor, utility products, and toys that will heighten not only your mood but also the corners of your house! Our curated collection of in-house handcrafted products celebrates the rich cultural legacy of India. In this endeavor, a number of local craftsmen have joined our team, and together we work hard to make sure that their cultural handicraft form thrives and prospers. The goal is to move towards conscious consumption that amalgamates aesthetics and utility.

Our Mission:

India is historically gifted when it comes to handicrafts, and we want to reiterate that through our work! As global as we get, we wanted to ensure that we celebrate our own individuality first, our nationality and the common touch. For our kids, we are bringing back the toys that we grew up with. We are working hard to bring ethnic India to our urban homes. Be it our favorite vintage model bullock cart, dive in and enjoy the good ol’ India with our family especially our children. Our mission is to encourage global consciousness-in our lifestyles, support local crafts, and most importantly, to find beauty in the subtleties and nuances of our own art forms.

For us, customer satisfaction is at the core of our functioning. We work hard to bring forward styles and stories to suit fond fragments of your memories of growing up and continue to be modern reflection of “being” in current times as well…..